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New members are strongly encouraged to follow these six easy steps to help them in the process of job search.

New members are strongly encouraged to follow these six easy steps to
help you in the job search process:

  1. Please join us for a group meeting. As you enter the
    room, sign in and use the colored paper on the table to create a name tag.
    Occupation groups are color-coded. Select the color that best fits your profession
    and write your name on both sides of the paper.
  2. We will ask you to introduce yourself to the group, provide a brief
    synopsis of your professional background, and tell us know what type of work you
    are looking for.
  3. Have your resume reviewed. Bring a hard copy to the meeting and give it to Jeff
    Claypool. Make suggested edits as appropriate.
  4. Have your resume posted on the Triad Career Network for recruiters and employers to access.  We also need you to give us three “descriptor” lines, which will appear after your name when a searcher enters a keyword that appears in your resume.The purpose of the Descriptor lines is to serve as a “hook” to get the recruiter to actually click on the link to your resume. When you first show up to a meeting, you will get the email address to send your resume and descriptors to.
  5. Attend the meetings! Networking is an integral part of Triad Career Network success. Did you know that 80% of the jobs are not posted? Keeping this in mind, it is integral to your success to learn network
    ing skills, and the latest in job search technique.
  6. Practice your interviewing skills. Schedule a mock interview with Jeff Claypool. It will
    be recorded and you’ll receive feedback on your interview style.

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